Ball Python

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Ball Python Care Sheet

Pet Ball PythonThe Ball Python (Python regius aka the Royal Python) is named after the unique defense mechanism this species has evolved. When the Ball Python feels threatened, it will curl up into an impenetrable ball with its head safely tucked away deep within the coils. This adaptation is a key characteristic of the docile nature of these snakes, just one of many things that make Ball Pythons a great choice for an exotic pet.

Ball PythonWidespread throughout much of western and central Africa, this terrestrial species needs to be kept in a warm, fairly humid environment, but apart from that its needs are quite straightforward. They’re relatively small snakes for pythons (usually significantly less than 6′ long when fully grown) and they’re not usually very active. Ball Pythons need smaller tanks than you might expect, and they generally don’t mind being handled too much. These factors all add up to a very popular pet snake. Ball Pythons are an excellent option both for first time snake owners as well as those with more experience.

If you want to find out more about caring for Ball Pythons, why not head over to our Ball Python care sheet where you’ll find the answers to all your questions.