Sugar Glider

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Sugar Glider Care Sheet

Sugar Glider

Image by Homini on Flickr

The Sugar Glider (Petaurus breviceps) is an amazing animal that can be found in the wild throughout the forested regions of Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. They are marsupials i.e. any offspring are raised in pouches, a trait unique to a few special species in Australasia. As their name would suggest, Sugar Gliders are capable of gliding from one tree to another, high above the forest floor, using large flaps of skin that connect their wrists to their ankles.

Besides these fascinating adaptations, Sugar Gliders are very social animals that will demand a lot of your time, even when kept with others of their kind (which they should be). However, this could hardly be classed as a chore, as these endearing animals will happily snuggle up in a pocket or under your shirt, and will generally enjoy any and all contact when they get used to it. They will form strong and affectionate bonds with their owners.

Sugar Gliders aren’t too difficult to care for, although they naturally require a reasonably large enclosure and lots of attention, as well as having quite specific dietary requirements. If you can provide them with what they need, you really would struggle to find a more rewarding (or cute!) exotic pet.

If you want to find out more about how to look after Sugar Gliders, take a look at our Sugar Glider care sheet.