Rose Hair Tarantula

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Rose Hair Tarantula Care Sheet

Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

Image by Isa Sorensen on Flickr

If you want a pet tarantula but you’ve never had one before, the Rose Hair Tarantula (Grammostola rosea), also known as the Chilean Rose Tarantula, is probably the best choice you can make. They’re the most popular tarantula species in captivity. This is partly because of their attractive appearance, but also because they’re easy to care for, don’t cost too much, have a docile nature and are easy to find and purchase.

It’s often stated that Rose Hair Tarantulas are the best type of tarantula for beginners, and we’re inclined to agree. These beautiful creatures require a fairly long term commitment, but apart from that they’re usually easier to look after than most ‘normal’ pets. Add in the amount of readily available information about these spiders and the fact that you can’t get much more exciting and enigmatic than a tarantula, and they’re the perfect exotic pet!

Take a look at our Rose Hair Tarantula care sheet to find out exactly how you should look after your Rose Hair Tarantula.