Praying Mantis

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Praying Mantis Care Sheet

Praying MantisThe names Praying Mantis and Praying Mantid are interchangeable, and come from the classic prayer-like pose often struck by these carnivorous wonders. Mantids come in a staggering number of varieties, with over 2000 species known to science. The majority of these are only very rarely, if ever, kept as pets, but there are a few species that are easy to get hold of like African Praying Mantises.

Praying MantisPretty much everything about Praying Mantises makes them a perfect candidate for an exotic pet, regardless of your previous experience. There can be few more fascinating animals to own than a mantis, they take up very little space, they’re low maintenance and the entire life cycle of a mantis will generally be over in less than a year. So if you’re not absolutely certain you want a mantis, you only need to commit for a maximum of 12 months.

Praying MantidIf you are remotely interested in owning a Praying Mantis (which you presumably are if you’ve found your way here), I would urge you to just go out and buy one as soon as possible – I’ve never met anyone who was disappointed with one of these incredible and spectacular creatures.

Want to know more about how to care for a Praying Mantis? Then take a look at our Praying Mantis care sheet, where all your questions will be answered!