Ant Farms

Okay, so ants aren’t all that exotic, but ant farms are amazing anyway. Many of us start off in life with a fascination for bugs and insects and anything small that your parents didn’t want in the house. Ant farms are a great way to rekindle that love you were born with before it was stamped out of you by our society’s generally completely misinformed view that creepy crawlies are unpleasant creatures that the world would be better off without.

You can buy a commercially available ant farm for just a few dollars, and then you’ve instantly got a colony of one of the most interesting animals in the world to watch and enjoy in your own home. You shouldn’t even have to worry about them escaping!

Live top-up ants are cheap and easy to find online as well. These may be necessary every few months. Otherwise, you can just leave the colony to get on with life!

Incredibly low maintenance and endlessly fascinating, an ant farm provides a brilliant opportunity for your kids to engage with nature. But ant farms also make great gifts for a lot of other people too – they’re certainly not just for children!

In our technologically advanced modern era, even ant farms have moved on from the traditional soil-based architectural wonders. Now you can buy ant farms based on a special nutrient-rich gel developed through an experiment NASA ran in outer space several years ago. With a few LED lights installed beneath the ultramodern ant farm, you get a cheap and unique desktop distraction or a new addition to your front room or kid’s bedroom!

Ant farms are cheap, they offer education and endless entertainment, they require almost no effort to maintain and some ant farms even contain super cool space-age food gel. What more could you ask for?!