Pet ToadThere are more than 600 toad species known to science, and no doubt there are plenty left in the wilder parts of the world that have so far escaped human knowledge. Only a few dozen toad species are frequently found in the pet trade, but that still leaves a huge amount of choice including some really exciting toads.

The Oriental Fire-bellied Toad is just as colorful and dramatic as any poison dart frog, while Cane Toads and South American Marine Toads are enormous – definitely capable of giving even the largest frogs a run for their money!

African Red ToadToads are often easier to house and look after than their frog cousins, in large part because they’re normally very well adapted to land. Many toads are surprisingly intelligent, quickly getting used to a new feeding schedule and coming out to greet you whenever you approach.

What’s more, your pet toad might well live for twenty or thirty years if cared for properly. Some individuals last even longer, so be sure you’re ready for a lengthy commitment before taking the plunge and buying your first toad. A lot of research will also be necessary, as while the basic requirements tend not to vary too much between toad species, the details (humidity, temperature etc.) can vary dramatically.Pet Toad

And that’s where we come in! Here at Exotic Pets Resources, we’re doing our best to build the ultimate website dedicated to exotic pets, including all the information you’ll ever need to give your pet toad the best life possible.

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