African Dwarf Frog

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African Dwarf Frog Care Sheet

These frogs are brilliant pets for beginners, requiring very little work or effort. African Dwarf Frogs are completely aquatic (but still need to breathe air), so you don’t have to contend with the tricky job of setting up a semi-aquatic enclosure. They’re also pretty small so they don’t take up a huge amount of space, and they can be put in the same enclosure as some of the more laid back, non-predatory fish.

Another thing that attracts many people to keeping African Dwarf Frogs is the fact that they don’t require live food, unlike a lot of other exotic pets. If you’ve ever kept goldfish, you’ll find that African Dwarf Frogs aren’t really any harder to look after. In fact, the old fishtank will probably work nicely as well!

African Dwarf Frogs are much more social and energetic than many of the frog species regularly kept as pets, so don’t worry about a boring pet that spends most of its time essentially sitting around and doing nothing – these gregarious creatures are great fun!